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Beeldend kunstenaar, performer en interactief ontwerper>>>>>In my work I try to take the spectator in a certain direction taking story-elements brought together in a way pretending to be a statement. It's like a puzzle without a winning answer. Like life itself is puzzling, with the truth in the middle, never to be known>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& Programm;>>>>>Landkunst/landart in the Leenderbos near Eindhoven; Artform outside space instigating the come back of the wolf.. go and see till october 2013!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>Kortrijk CONGE!!!! check the first movie below!! = AMAZING>>>>>>>>> Artistic Production Gaypride 2013 >>> Bosch Parade 2013>>>>> Fusion festival 2013 Berlin>>>>Many small nice festivals and events in 2013>>>>Calafrika festival calabriƫ Italy>>>Pooldesign Ko Chang Thailand>&gt Spain>>>>>>>>Permaculture and landartproject malaga spain>>Werkplaats/Workshop/Headquarters/Arbeitsort/Werkstatt in den Bosch City>>> Contact: